Equipment at the Stem Cell Core

Shared Lab Equipment

Stem Cell Core Equipment








The Stem Cell Core facility offers two shared laboratory spaces for researchers to use. The equipment supplied in the labs includes:

  • Four-foot Class II Biosafety cabinets
  • Six-foot Class II Biosafety cabinets
  • Thermo HeraCell 150 copper incubators
  • Beckman Allegra X-22R centrifuges
  • Nikon SMZ-1000 dissection microscope
  • Nikon TS100 inverted microscope with camera and screen
  • Nikon TS100 inverted microscope
  • Waterbaths with BathArmor beads to reduce contamination
  • Refrigerator and freezer space for storage
  • Other small equipment including:
    • micropipettors
    • hemocytometers
    • counters 
    • pipet-aids

Use of the Shared Facility

Cell Culture Facility Fee:

  • CHLA - $100
  • Non-CHLA - $200

Note: Use of the Shared Facility is billed per person on a monthly basis.

Imaging Equipment

The Stem Cell Core houses two Nikon fluorescent microscopes available for use by the researchers at Children's Hospital Los Angeles and non-hospital scientists.

Stem Cell Core Lab








Nikon Eclipse Ti Microscopy System

The Nikon Eclipse Ti Microscopy system is a fast, automated system has the ability to perform time-lapse imaging and high quality phase contrast observation using the high-speed motorized XY-stage and Z-axis. The Eclipse Ti captures high quality phase images and is equipped to detect DAPI/ Hoechst, FITC/GFP, Texas Red, Cy3/ Rhod/ TRITC, and AF680. The NIS-Elements Imaging software included in the system allows control of the microscope and its components from the computer, plus easy data acquisition and analysis.

Nikon TS100 Fluorescent Inverted Microscope

The TS100F is an inverted routine microscope with fluorescence and image capabilities using Nikon NIS Elements software for data capture and analysis. This microscope caputures clear phase images and is equipped with FITC/GFP and Rhod/TRITC/ filters.

Users must sign Acceptance or Responsibility Agreement, and abide by Stem cell core user policies prior to access. These documents can be accessed here. Please sign and review all documents. Email the documents to Laura-Marie Nucho.

The Cellular Imaging Core is located in The Saban Research Institute and is open to researchers outside of Children's Hospital Los Angeles.


For CHLA - $5 Hourly after training / $10 Non-CHLA

For CHLA - $10 Hourly after training / $10 Non-CHLA


For CHLA - $5 Hourly after training / $10 Non-CHLA

For CHLA - $10 Hourly after training / $10 Non-CHLA

Real-Time PCR

The Stem Cell Core houses an Applied Biosystems 7900HT Fast Real-Time PCR System. This high through-put system is capable of performing real-time quantitative PCR in 96- and 384-well plates. The continuous wavelength detection from 500- 660nm allows the use of multiple fluorophores in a single assay, measuring gene expression levels, SNP genotyping assays and score the presence of gene sequences.


  • CHLA $5 after training
  • Non-CHLA $10 after training

Nuclear Transfection

The Stem Cell Core houses a cuvette based Nucleofector and 96-well shuttle from Amaxa/ Lonza. These non-viral nuclear transfection devices are specifically designed to efficiently transfect DNA vectors and RNA oligos into the nucleus of primary, hard-to-transfect, and non-dividing cells. Optimization is based on cell line, not the substrate being transfected.



  • CHLA - $5 after training
  • Non-CHLA - $10 after training

96-Well Shuttle


  • CHLA - $5 after training
  • Non-CHLA - $10 after training

Flow Cytometry

The Stem Cell Core also purchased an Imagestream 100 imaging flow cytometer from Amnis Corporation. This machine has 3 lasers (405nm, 488nm, and 633nm,) it will capture 6 digital images (spatial resolution: 0.75NA, 0.5μm pixel size) of each cell, measuring morphology, brightfield and up to 4 parameters of fluorescence. It uses Inspire (v3.x) software in used for data acquisition and IDEAS (v3.x) software is used for data analysis. The Imagestream 100 is housed in the 2nd floor Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting Core.

Long Term -80C/LN2 Storage

The facility has -80C and liquid nitrogen storage space available to researchers using the core. Space is billed on a monthly basis and is available on a per box and per rack basis.

Stem Cell Core Microscope

Please note that cells are stored at your own risk. The Stem Cell Core cannot guarantee a mycoplasma-free environment. Please do not rent more boxes than needed. Stem Cell biologists get priority on space.

Cold Storage (-80C and LN2)


  • CHLA - $5 per box / $50 per rack (12 boxes)
  • Non-CHLA - $10 per box / $100 per rack (12 boxes)