Education Track

The CHLA Education Track is designed for those individuals who are considering a career in academic medicine and would like to devote additional time to developing teaching and leadership skills during residency.


  • Develop requisite skills for effective classroom and clinical teaching, including learner assessment and feedback
  • Develop leadership skills needed to manage a team or group of learners
  • Participate in educational scholarship
  • Develop skills needed for self-direction and life-long learning

Scholary Projects

Participants realize these goals through a variety of teaching activities during which they are directly observed and provided feedback, analyses of learning and conflict management styles, participation on committees, and creation of a learning plan and educator’s portfolio. Additionally each resident on the Education Track, with the guidance of a dedicated mentor, develops and implements a longitudinal scholarly project. Examples of current projects include:

  • The Effectiveness of a Culturally Responsive Healthcare Curriculum Developed by Residents in a Pediatric Residency Program  
  • Digital Learning Modules for Medical Students
  • Resident Bedside Procedures
  • RN Shadowing: Improving Multidisciplinary Communication and Understanding of Children with Special Health Care Needs
  • The Impact of Video Interpretation Use on Family Centered Rounds

Residents meet quarterly as a group for project updates and to provide peer feedback. These meetings are facilitated by the track directors. 

Noon Conference Sessions

Education Track residents attend noon conference sessions separate from the general residency program, dedicated to education related topics. Examples of noon conference topics include:

  • Preparing to teach
  • Orienting learners
  • Clinical/Bedside teaching
  • Developing leadership
  • Giving/receiving feedback
  • Classroom teaching techniques

Educational Conference

Each participant receives funding support to attend an educational conference of his/her choice during the PL-2 or PL-3 year.