Donate for a Specific Child

The hospital operates a Directed Donor Program. This program allows blood donors to designate their blood for use by a specific patient.

The Blood Donor Center collects blood from donors who come to designate their units for specific patients. Each unit is tested and if found to be acceptable is available for patient use three days after the unit is donated.

How the Program Works

The patient’s physician, family and the Blood Donor Center will each play a part in obtaining directed donor blood. If a patient will require blood transfusions as a part of care, the physician will inform the patient and the family about the need for blood and discuss: 

  • Transfusion options available for the patient
  • Day or days of anticipated use
  • How much blood the child will need
  • What blood type(s) will work for their child

Families will need to:

  • Obtain and complete the Directed Donor Request Form [English / Español]
  • Deliver the completed form to the Blood Donor Center
  • Recruit donors by asking (never demanding) them to participate
  • Remind potential donors to donate at least three days ahead of the patient's anticipated need for the blood (the three-day time period allows the Blood Donor Center to complete all required testing)
  • Communicate any changes in the date of blood use to the Blood Donor Center
  • Monitor the inventory of Directed Donor Blood
  • Recruit additional donors as required

Blood will be held for four days only after the anticipated date of use.

Consult the Directed Donor Program FAQ for additional questions.
NOTE: The identity of the donor of a particular unit of blood cannot be discussed, as this information is confidential.

If your child needs blood, contact the Blood Donor Center as soon as possible at 323-361-2441.

Before You Donate

Gather and bring the following information with you when you come to our Blood Donor Center:

  • Patient's name
  • Patient's date of birth (or due date)
  • Names of patient's parents
  • Surgery or procedure date