Donate Books and Magazines

The hospital's Literally Healing Program maintains a Patient Therapeutic Library -- designed to help hospitalized children better understand and master the issues they face on a daily basis.

These issues can include:

  • Depression
  • Sibling jealousy or guilt
  • Fear of disfigurement
  • Fear of living with a permanent disability
  • Death and grieving

Books are taken to the patient’s bedside in a special "Book Moo-bile," which is painted to resemble a cow. In addition to providing books, our bedside readers also distribute magazines in response to requests from patients and from parents. Generous supporters often purchase annual subscriptions to magazines in order to provide a welcome distraction for patients who must spend many days in recovery, or for parents who remain vigilant at the bedside of their recovering child.

Magazine Subscriptions

Magazine subscriptions offer a fairly inexpensive way to have a direct, positive impact on our older patients and parents of our children. 

Send Magazine Subscriptions to:

Literally Healing Program
Children's Hospital Los Angeles
4650 Sunset Blvd., #16
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Through the Literally Healing Program, we provide magazines to older patients and parents to help them pass the time during their stay at our hospital. Whether confined to a hospital bed during recovery or worried about leaving the side of a sleeping child who might wake to find themselves alone in their hospital room, magazines can provide a welcome distraction for patients and families at our hospital. 

Generous individuals support the distribution of free magazines as "keepers" to our patients and their parents by ordering a subscription on behalf of the hospital's Literally Healing Program. Below is a list of magazines found to be most helpful to the individuals we serve:

For Teens (Male)

Car & Driver
12 issues for $12/year

For Teens (Female)

12 issues for $8/year

Teen Vogue
20 issues for $10/2 years

For Parents

US Weekly
56 issues for $50/year

People en Español
11 issues for $15/year

53 issues for $110/year

National Geographic
12 issues for $12/year

Real Simple
12 issues for $23.95/year 

- Prices provided are approximate and are subject to change.
- Children's Hospital Los Angeles is not affiliated with any of the companies who own the magazines listed above and does not benefit in any way from your subscription purchases beyond the ability to distribute free magazines to parents and patients who we believe may benefit.