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Versant Transition RN Fellowship Provides Support for a Smooth Transition into Pediatrics

Learn how Children’s Hospital Los Angeles can help healthcare professionals like Briana make a smooth transition from adult care to pediatrics.

Sometimes it’s difficult to make the transition from adult care to pediatrics. There are many things that might make a nurse feel nervous to take a leap of faith and decide to make a change. You might ask yourself: What if I have to go to the bottom of the totem pole and start all over? What if pediatrics isn’t for me? At Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, we applaud anyone who wants to transition from adult care to pediatrics, and we work hard to provide potential nurses with all the resources and support they need to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Take it from one of our own, Briana. Briana always knew what that she wanted to work with kids. “I’ve always had a passion for working with kids. I looked into nursing school due to the many benefits for career advancement as a nurse,” says Briana. “In high school, I had the opportunity shadow different health care professionals through an internship, and I fell in love with pediatric nursing.” Briana recently went through the Versant Transition RN Fellowship in Pediatrics Program to pursue a career in pediatric nursing at CHLA.

“The Versant Transition RN Fellowship in Pediatrics Program provided me with the tools and support that facilitated my smooth transition to CHLA.”

Upon completing the Versant Transition RN Fellowship Program, Briana was astonished by the amount of support she was provided in her new role. “Having the experience of working at a different hospital has made me truly appreciate everything that CHLA has to offer. There is an abundance of support as well as opportunities for education and growth at CHLA,” says Briana. The culture at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is one of genuine compassion and understanding for our patients and families, and we believe that extending this to our employees is just as important. “It is amazing to be a part of a team that truly lives by their values and strives for their shared mission,” says Briana.

As a pediatric nurse at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, there are opportunities every day to learn something new and find growth in your career. For Briana, it’s the simple things that bring her fulfillment: “What I love most is actually spending time at the bedside with my patients and their families. I don’t think there’s a better feeling than making someone feel better and smile when they’re at one of their lowest moments.”

Are you ready to make a change in your career? Learn more about the Versant Transition RN Fellowship in Pediatrics Program and find out how you too can truly make a different in people’s lives every day.

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