Clinical Research Support Office

Researchers and scientists at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles are engaged in cutting-edge clinical and translational research focused on understanding the developmental origins of health and disease, and developing new approaches to prevent, diagnose and treat a wide range of disorders and diseases that impact children’s health.

The Saban Research Institute is home to a robust infrastructure to support clinical research and clinical trials in the Clinical Research Support Office. Through our partnership with the Southern California Clinical and Translational Science Institute, we have built a highly efficient and cost-effective research service program that supports patient-centered research across the lifecycle of a study or trial, with research navigators to help investigators get their studies up and running, and the services they need to run efficient, safe and high-quality patient-centered research and trials.

For Parents

Family participation is critical to our research efforts. Thousands of children participate in our patient-centered research studies every year. Many of the treatments used today are based on the results of clinical research conducted with our patients. Our scientific and clinical experts take the best ideas from the laboratory to the patient in the form of promising new treatments.

By searching our clinical trials, you may identify research that could impact the life of your child or another child you know for years to come. Because the number of available clinical trials for children nationwide is small, every participant makes a significant contribution. Ask your child’s doctor about clinical trial options that may be suitable for his or her condition. Contact us to find out about participating in a research study. 

Resources for Parents