CHLA Triathlon Team


CHLA Triathlon Team Information Page for the Nautica Malibu Triathlon presented by Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Children's Hospital Los Angeles has a team! Support our athletes.

When you sign up to join Team CHLA, you will make two commitments––to train and to fundraise. Each member must raise at least $250. 

Triathlon Equipment (Minimum Recommendations)

These are recommendations for your triathlon and training. You can be as frugal or spend as much as you like on the equipment. It is perfectly fine to borrow from friends and family. The most expensive gear isn’t going to necessarily get you across the finish line any faster or more comfortable than the used/borrowed. It’s more about the time you put into the training process rather than the price you spend on the gear.


  • Please contact the Children's Hospital Co-captains to order your uniform


  • Goggles - a good pair that won’t wash away with a big wave. You may want tinted ones for sun protection
  • Swim Suit - a tight-fitting one
  • Swim Cap  - bright colors for the ocean
  • Wet Suit - well fitted one, you can borrow from a friend, surfer wet suits and diving wet suits are different (more limited shoulder rotation and heavier neoprene) but can work


  • Helmet - You must ride with a helmet on and clipped at all times - NO EXCEPTIONS! We represent our hospital and must demonstrate proper safety. You will not be permitted to ride on any team practices/clinic without a helmet and you cannot race without one
  • Bike - You may use a mountain bike or hybrid in nearly all sprint distance triathlons, however a road bike is recommended. If you choose to train on a mountain bike/hybrid, we recommend you change your tires. Slick tires will help. You can buy tires at your local bike shop for under $40. No matter what bike you choose it is imperative to be sure your bike operates correctly. You are responsible for bike maintenance and care. Have a tune-up before you start your training. If you are borrowing a bike be sure you have it fit to your size
  • Cycling Shoes - Either a mountain bike, hybrid, road, and triathlon bike has the option for cycling specific pedals and shoes. This is not required, but being "clipped in" delivers more power to the entire pedal stroke and makes hills easier
  • Tools - Small adjustments and flat tires happen while cycling. A small tool bag attached to the seat of your bike should include: tire levers, spare tube, tire pump or CO2, money and emergency information
  • Pump - Manual bike pump that is kept in your garage or one that will fit comfortably to the frame of your bike. For a flat tire you will need a pump or a C02 cartridge & device
  • Cycling Shorts - with a nice padded chamois for the long rides
  • Water Bottles - one for every hour you plan on riding


  • Running shoes - A good pair of running specific shoe
  • Running socks - Don't run in cotton socks! To avoid blisters get a wicking material
  • Athletic shorts & t-shirt - Avoid cotton if possible, moisture wicking material/dri-fit clothing is best
  • Jog Bra - Be sure it has sufficient support

Extra items that come in handy

  • Bag - They make triathlon specific bags but any gym bag to keep all your gear together will work
  • Body Glide - Body glide/rash guard to prevent chaffing with any of the three sports
  • Sunglasses - The course is sunny, and it provides eye protection
  • Race belt - Holds paper race number