Inspiring Women

Celebrating Children's Hospital Los Angeles female leaders who are making a difference.

Cynthia E. Muñoz, PhD

Dedicated to People with Diabetes

Cynthia Herrington, MD

Balancing Life as a Surgeon and a Mom

“I’m a fighter for the underdog, because not everyone has a voice.”

Rhonda Foster, EdD, RN
Chief Nursing Officer and Vice President of Patient Care

Lorraine Kelley-Quon, MD

The 30,000-ft View

Rhonda Foster, EdD, RN

Bitten by the Leadership Bug

Roberta Williams, MD

The Doctor Who Never Wavered

Jesse Berry, MD

Translating Inspiration Into Action

Sandy Himmelrich, LCSW

‘This Is a Calling’

“I am not one to shy away or fall back from challenges simply because I am a woman, but feel empowered to do so because I am.”

Mona Patel, MD
Director of Clinical Ambulatory Operations and Attending Physician, Division of General Pediatrics

Mona Patel, MD

Driven to Affect Change

Joyce Javier, MD

Supporting Vulnerable Communities

Monica Horn, RN

Finding Strength, Sharing Strength

Jodi Ogden, MBA

Doing Important work

Bianca Edison, MD

Finding the Best Possible Answer

“Speak up, don’t apologize, ask questions, challenge the expected, and be proud!”

Jennifer Raymond, MD
Clinical Director of Diabetes at the Center for Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism

Jennifer Raymond, MD

Lessons Learned From Challenges Faced

Sylvia Del Castillo, MD

Resilience Is Key

Lara M. Khouri

Getting Things Done

Nancy J. Lee, MSN

Keeping Patients and Families as her Beacon

Judy Sherif, RN

Nurse, Pilot, Renegade

Senta Georgia, PhD

A Scientist Searching for a Cure

Johanna Olson-Kennedy, MD

Operationalizing Curiosity

Rev. Dagmar Grefe, PhD

Serving All Faiths

Bibiana Jin Reiser, MD

Unconventional Thinking

Barbara Korsch, MD

Making Doctors Better Doctors

Anat Erdreich-Epstein, MD, PhD

Discovering the Biology of Cancer