No Such Thing as an Ordinary Day

Published on 
April 30, 2020

At Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, our nurses are dedicated to providing around-the-clock, top-notch care for our patients. For Kim Wheatley, a Registered Nurse in our Emergency Department, pursuing a nursing job at CHLA was a no-brainer.

“I knew I wanted to work at CHLA before I even started nursing school,” Kim says, “If I wanted to work with the best patients, the best doctors and the best nurses, then the only option was Children’s of LA.”

Being a teaching hospital, CHLA provides the specific tools and experiences needed to become successful pediatric nurses. You have opportunities to be independent and have a voice as you are working alongside doctors who are learning. “It’s a really nice experience to know that every day I come to work and I still get to learn,” says Kim.

Working in the Emergency Department at CHLA, there’s no such thing as an ordinary day. When all types of conditions come through the doors, you must be ready for anything. “Every single day I walk into my job, I have no idea how it’s going to go,” says Kim, “I could be sitting at my station laughing with my co-workers, and two minutes later somebody brings back a patient who is seizing... Every day, literally, is different.”

It’s the patients that make CHLA unique, and Kimberly gets to go to work every day knowing that her patients are going to make her smile and that it’s going to be a great day.


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