Dec My Room Los Angeles Surprises Patients

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March 8, 2013

Kids are programmed to play, be imaginative and act silly. But when kids are hospitalized, it can be hard for them to channel their playful nature. Hospital rooms can feel sterile and don’t feel like “home.” Yet, imagine being a child and having your hospital room redecorated with your favorite theme or character. Thanks to Dec My Room Los Angeles, a non-profit that “decks out” pediatric hospital rooms to make it a brighter and happier place, some patients at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles were given that opportunity! The friendly crew from Dec My Room Los Angeles surprised some patients with wagons full of loot to decorate. Rooms were decorated with the help of a special Children’s Hospital Los Angeles patient, Josie Hull (pictured right), and her mom. Two of the rooms decorated were in the patient’s favorite themes -- Hello Kitty and monster trucks.

Chloe Gutierrez, who is being treated for injuries related to an automobile accident, was surprised to see her room decked out with Hello Kitty decorations, gifts and balloons. Her parents, Valerie and Felix, said Hello Kitty is her “theme.” She loves it. The surprise not only made Chloe feel special, but her parents glowed as well. “Chloe has been through a lot. This will lift her spirits and we feel so blessed. Children’s Hospital Los Angeles nurses treat Chloe like one of their own daughters,” shares Valerie.

Casey Fisher, who was recently diagnosed with leukemia, was surprised with a wagon full of monster truck decorations, gifts and balloons. His parents, Susie and Alan, said he absolutely loves dirt bikes and monster trucks. In fact, the whole family does. His father said they enjoy outdoor motorsports (pretty much anything with a motor). Casey originally wanted to be a monster truck driver but now he wants to be a doctor and cure kids, when he grows up. A smart boy!

Enjoy photos from the special day for Chloe, Casey and their families.

Chloe's Surprise 

Chloe's room (Before)

Chloe's room (After)


Casey's Surprise