Quake, Rattle and Roll: A Children’s Book on Earthquake Preparedness and Safety

Published on 
June 27, 2016

Drop, cover and hold on! These famous steps are known to children and adults alike. To educate children and their parents the importance of earthquake safety and preparedness, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles’ Injury Prevention Program has created a book on the topic to help parents and professionals prepare families for an untimely disaster.

“Quake, Rattle and Roll” is a children’s book written by the Manager of Safety and Security, and CHLA’s Safety Officer, Santiago D. Chambers, CHSP, CHEP, edited by the Manager of the Injury Prevention Program, Helen Arbogast, MPH, CHES and illustrated by Kris Wimberly, who is known for his work with Warner Bros. Animation, Walt Disney Animation and Nickelodeon Animation Studios on the show SpongeBob SquarePants.

The book debuted during the Great California ShakeOut Earhquake Drill on October 15. 2015. Marlton Elementary School, a school with students with special needs, enjoyed the story of Tommy and his family planning and preparing for an earthquake. The book details what to do in a disaster, how to prepare, what to plan for and other safety and preparedness tips. The Injury Prevention Program was able to donate 25 copies to the school.

When asked the importance of children and their parents to be prepared and have a plan, Santiago said, "Children naturally look to their parents for guidance in times of calm and especially times of peril; having the right plan, training and response will better prepare a family for disaster. The ABC/123 step muscle memory approach to responding works well to keep parents and children on the same page."

“Disasters can happen at any moment. If you are prepared before a disaster hits, your family may be safer. We hope this wonderful children’s book, will be a tool for professionals and families to start the conversation with young children about understanding earthquakes and equip them with tools for disaster preparedness at home and school”, said Helen when asked about the goal and purpose of the book.

100% of net profit from the sale of this item will be donated to support education and outreach for children through the Kohl’s Injury Prevention Program at Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

Price: $5.99 + S&H

To order, please contact harbogast@chla.usc.edu