American Pediatric Society 2018 Elected Members From CHLA

Published on 
March 8, 2018

(Left to Right) Douglas Nordli, Jr., MD, CHLA Chief of Pediatric Neurology; Robert E. Shaddy, MD, CHLA Pediatrician-in-Chief; Rohit Kohli, MBBS, MS, CHLA Chief of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition.

This year, three physician researchers at Children’s Hospital Los Angles representing subspecialties in gastroenterology, neurology and cardiology,  have been elected to the membership of the American Pediatric Society – an honor reserved for leaders in academic pediatrics.   

Known for research focused on obesity-related fatty liver disease, including insight into the role of fructose in triggering injury and scarring within the liver, Rohit Kohli, MBBS, MS, who is also CHLA Chief of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition, has developed a surgical model in mice that is now used by researchers around the world to better understand how weight loss surgeries improve obesity and its associated morbidities.

Widely known for his work in pediatric epilepsy and clinical neurophysiology, Douglas Nordli, Jr., MD, who is also CHLA Chief of Pediatric Neurology, has published research on epilepsy classification, epilepsy surgery, febrile seizures and the ketogenic diet used primarily to treat difficult-to-control epilepsy in children. Nordli is also co-director of the Neurological Institute.

Nationally recognized for his research in pediatric heart failure and heart transplantation, including the use of echocardiography and other imaging in pediatric heart patients, cardiologist  Robert E. Shaddy, MD, CHLA Pediatrician-in-Chief, is also known for his work in assessing the effectiveness of pharmaceutical drugs in treating heart failure in children and the use of ventricular assist devices in pediatric patients.

Kohli, Nordli and Shaddy have distinguished themselves as teachers, researchers and clinicians whose contributions to the medical field have garnered national and international recognition.

Image courtesy of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.