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Published on January 20, 2010
Update from Dr. Henri Ford, surgeon-in-chief at Children's Hospital Los Angeles (January 19, 2010): "The operating rooms are fully functional and we are seeing many infected wounds (many where gangrene has already set in).  We're also seeing a seemingly endless... Read More
Published on January 19, 2010
Update from Dr. Henri Ford (Monday, January 18th 9:18 p.m.): “Our team just moved to the Gheskio Clinic, which is closer to the epicenter of the earthquake.   Setting up the operating rooms tonight. Several cases lined up for the morning already. Many people (hundreds... Read More
Published on January 18, 2010
Henri Ford, MD our surgeon-in-chief, is a Haitian native and arrived on scene in Port-Au-Prince on Saturday, January 16th to provide medical care. Currently he is stationed at the U.S. Embassy.  We're reprinting his first official report on his activities to... Read More
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Tragedy and disaster strikes when we least expect it. School shootings and natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes or forest fires are prime examples of how trauma and disaster can affect children and families. Parents should encourage their children to express their... Read More