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Published on 
September 4, 2012

Shonte's Story

My 15 year old daughter, Shonte, had a stroke on January 31. After being in a coma for one month, she woke up with "Locked in Syndrome." It has been a long road to recovery but after being in several hospitals, we came to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles where Shonte received a tracheostomy (trach). Her heart rate was very high because of her secretions. Since her surgery, they have stabilized her and she is feeling much better two days after surgery.

I give kudos to the staff and doctors at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. They educated me about the trach, which helped me make the right decision, therefore giving my daughter a chance to be more comfortable. 

I am so grateful and want to say thank you for being there and thanks to all the donors who make it all possible.


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