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Published on 
September 19, 2012

From Heart Surgery to Senior Strength

My congenital heart condition was diagnosed at six months of age. At the age of five in 1952, I underwent open heart surgery at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles; yes, I can still remember some of my time there.

Since then, I have exercised my heart to make it healthier and stronger. When I was 24 I began weight training off and on. At age 61, I began to get serious and entered the gym and at age 65 have developed "Senior Strength". Because of my heart surgery, I am also a social media diplomat with the American Heart Association on Facebook.

I do not want any heart patients to give up or think that your life is over - your life is just beginning and with care and safety you also can pursue a normal life. I encourage all heart patients to commit to getting their heart healthy and strong.


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