Alex Ito's Amazing Rebound From Spinal Surgery

Published on 
May 24, 2010

Ten-year-old, Alex Ito, is full of energy and smiles as he delivers an enthusiastic speech on history before his 5th grade classmates as the Marquis de Lafayette.


Given how he bounds up to the stage, you probably wouldn't have guessed that Alex underwent a surgical procedure at our hospital three days before this video was shot. Alex was born with a rare congenital chest wall deformation where his spine and rib cage were not growing, constricting his lungs. As a result, he underwent surgery to receive a titanium rib prosthesis at very young age. Each year, he returns to have his titanium rib prosthesis adjusted by his orthopaedic surgeon so that he can continue growing. This procedure, performed by orthopaedic surgeon and head of Children's Orthopaedic Center, Dr. David Skaggs, was the first of its kind in the state of California.

With a unique and innovative surgical approach, Alex has truly become a shining star! Congratulations Alex!