Three Things We Like about "Hang On Tucker"

Published on 
July 8, 2010

On his ambulance ride to our hospital, Tucker had to be resuscitated three times. He then spent his 1st week of life at our hospital on a special system, ECMO, a heart-lung bypass system that takes over circulatory and respiratory functions in infants whose systems fail. 

Tucker had Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, a rare condition, but one that we regularly treat.  He was diagnosed prenatally and physicians were ready to take care of him from the moment he was born. 

Lisa, Tucker and Rob Knox

Although we were proud to send Tucker home to grow big and strong under the care of mom and dad, we are delighted to find that his loving parents created a blog, Hang on Tucker!, in honor of his fight for life in our hospital. 

Here are the things that we love about this blog:

1.  The Title

Hang on Tucker is a great title that let's you know immediately what the blog is about. 

2.  The Photos

Dad provided frequent updates about Tucker's progress including:

  • Photos of Tucker in and out of the hospital crib
  • Photos of supporters sporting, "Hang on Tucker" T-shirts
  • Photos of life from Tucker's point of view (so clever)
  • Photos that one would normally take of an infant's "firsts"

3.  The Message

A YouTube message of a crowd of supporters saying, "Hang on Tucker!" conducted by his Uncle Craig Of course, we couldn't help but notice their shout-outs for our staff and for our NICCU in particular (May 3, 2010):

"There are no words adequate to express the vast and profound gratitude we feel for the work done in the NICCU to save Tucker and make him well.  Since his arrival at just one day old, the amazing people there dedicated themselves to his cause 24/7."

We loved seeing the family use their talents to share their experiences during this crucial time in their lives with their friends and family, as well as with us.

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