Kids Become Artists for the Day

Published on 
February 14, 2013

Through art, our kids find pain relief and a channel to explore feelings and imagination during their treatments and recovery. We normalize their hospital experience and provide new learning opportunities by working with local artists through Children’s Hospital Los Angeles’ Mark Taper and Johnny Mercer Artists Program.

Most recently, kids have been given the opportunity to be artists for the day through weekly art workshops hosted by The TJ Martell Foundation in collaboration with ARTWORKS for the Cure, which works with a number of established and up-and-coming sculptors, painters and photographers. The workshops involve artists working one-on-one with our patients to create unique pieces of art. Each week in February, kids will become artists and create anything from group murals, robot drawings and cartoon sketches. The finished pieces of art will be displayed at a three-day fundraising event hosted by the TJ Martell Foundation.

“We couldn’t be more excited to team up with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to bring color and light into the kids’ lives,” from the folks at ARTWORKS for the Cure.

Here are some photos of our young artists!