Hospital Programs

Published on January 18, 2022
Virtual visits allow providers to assess home setup and safety—and help families breathe easier. Read More
Published on November 17, 2021
Unlike COVID-19, there is no simple diagnostic test for long COVID. Doctors instead look at a child’s symptoms, as well as past exposure to the virus. Read More
Published on November 15, 2021
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles has re-launched its Rett Syndrome Clinic in an expanded space that will enhance multidisciplinary care for girls with Rett. Read More
Published on November 15, 2021
While fetal surgery to repair spina bifida has been available for over 10 years, the fetoscopic repair is minimally invasive, making it less risky for mothers. Read More
Published on November 12, 2021
Psychologist Michelle SooHoo, PhD, supports children dealing with voiding dysfunction, as well as those with complex urologic conditions like bladder exstrophy. Read More
Published on November 4, 2021
Angelica Moreyra, PsyD, talks about her work in the NICCU—and how neonatologists can support the critical parent-baby bond for their patients.    Read More
Published on November 4, 2021
As part of the BPD Collaborative, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is teaming up to optimize care for babies with chronic lung disease. Read More
Published on November 4, 2021
New clinic provides comprehensive screening and treatment for children with endocrine issues caused by cancer treatment. Read More
Published on September 29, 2021
Through Spiritual Care Services at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, team members have access to guided meditation sessions that can help them slow down, manage stress and feel more connected. Read More
Published on September 9, 2021
Long COVID or “long-haul COVID” can be debilitating for kids and teens—with symptoms like fatigue, shortness of breath and brain fog. Read More
Published on August 10, 2021
Athletes, and their coaches and doctors, must prioritize mental as well as physical health. Read More
Published on April 26, 2021
Patients and their families can receive leading-edge treatment in the bright, new family-friendly space—a convenient, one-stop location for comprehensive neurologic care. Read More
Published on June 20, 2019
Unlike when we have the flu or a broken bone, it’s not always visible when pain keeps us from feeling our best. And when pain is chronic, it can have devastating effects on personal relationships, mood, behaviors and sleep habits. At the Pediatric Pain Management Clinic,... Read More
Published on April 27, 2018
The Trauma Program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is collaborating with the American College of Surgeons Committee to lead a hands-on, community class called Stop the Bleed. Following the tragedy that happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, a group of... Read More
Published on March 14, 2018
In addition to providing world-class care for children diagnosed with biliary atresia, physicians in the Liver Transplant Program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles are trying to understand biliary atresia and find better ways to treat it. What is biliary atresia? Biliary... Read More
Published on November 15, 2017
Every year, on a specific day, Trevor Carlee and Nick North get together with their friends to do one thing for 24 hours: play video games. Well, actually, there’s one more thing; they’re also helping Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The two have been hosting these... Read More
Published on July 28, 2017
Another summer, another camp. But this specific camp let’s you be a hero! …A ‘Handy Hero’ that is! Created and led by occupational therapists at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Handy Heroes Therapy Camp is a fun, motivating, and therapeutic summer day camp program designed... Read More
Published on June 13, 2017
Over the past few months, controversy has circled over Netflix’s latest original series, “13 Reasons Why.” The show, which targets teens and young adults, focuses on a complicated topic: adolescent suicide. Sara Sherer, PhD, a psychologist and the director of Behavioral... Read More
Published on May 5, 2017
What is tetralogy of Fallot?Tetralogy of Fallot is a congenital heart defect—a problem with the heart’s structure that’s present at birth—that changes the normal flow of blood through the heart. Babies and children who have tetralogy of Fallot experience episodes of cyanosis, a... Read More
Published on May 1, 2017
Every day, countless individuals make a difference in the lives of the young patients at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. But did you know that some of those individuals are schoolteachers? These teachers, who work for the Carlson Home and Hospital School at the Los Angeles... Read More