Valentine's Day Messages For Kids at Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Published on 
January 30, 2013

Make Valentine's Day Special

On Feb. 14, our hospital will be filled with children who won’t be able to trade valentines with their classmates or be home with their families. We are giving you the opportunity to send a special Valentine's Day message to kids at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Visit to send a message today.

Here are some of the Valentine's Day messages our kids received!*

Happy valentine's day :) I hope this will brighten your day! - Daryna S.

Thinking of you and I hope to brighten your day. - Yvette M.

Have a wonderful day, and know that someone LOVES YOU! - Cynthia P.

Have a great Valentine's Day! We love you so much and I hope you get well very, very soon!

Surround yourself with lots and lots of love today! - Irene T.

Sending buckets of love and hugs to brighten your day!!! Happy Valentines Day! Will you be my valentine? - Jennifer G.

I hope this Valentines day brings joy to your heart. - Beatriz O.

To all the beautiful children, I hope you have a beautiful and blessed Valentine's Day. You are so loved! - Sharon C.

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope its a good one bud! - John B.

Thinking of you on this Valentine's Day! Sending hugs all the way from Pennsylvania. :) - Ali V.

Happy Valentine's! I hope you are feeling better with each and every day. - Lindsey J.

Hope to Make your Day a little brighter on this SWEET DAY! Happy Valentines Day! - Brenda S.

I can't think of any other person I'd rather send a special message to on this day other than you! Happy Valentine's Day! - Victor V.

I wish you a special Valentine day!! Enjoy the day :-) - Pilar L.

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope your day is full of smiles and hugs! - Emmy M.

Happy Valentine's Day!! Hope this card will brighten your day :) - Kirstin C.

Happy Valentine's Day! Dr. Kim - Mimi K.

Hope to brighten your day! - Tracey N.

This Card Contains a Valentine's Smile and Hug to Say Hi! on a Special Day! - Marcia S.

Thinking of you... Happy Valentine's Day! - Tina Y.

Hi there! Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you have a wonderful, fun day and that you get well soon!! - Ana K.

Happy Valentine's Day Cutie Pie! XOXOXO =D - Sylvia R.

Someone in Pennsylvania is thinking of you, and sending a hug on this Valentine's Day! - Kathy P.

Here's wishing you a super awesome Valentine's Day! to a super awesome person! :) - Debbie M.

Happy Valentines Day! Hope you a sweet and joyous day. You will always be in our hearts :) - Sandra G.

Have a bright and sun shiny day - Kelly R.

Have a Happy Wonderful Valentine Day! - Tanika S.

Hope to brighten your day! Happy valentines day! - Giovanni V.

Thinking of all of you... Stay strong warriors! - Christina A.

Happy Valentine's Day, Thinking of you on this special day! Wishing you lots of happiness & laughter. Always stay positive because we are all behind 100%. XOXOXO - Narina K.

Our family is thinking of you! Hope that today is a strong day, filled with love! - The Watters Family of Calabasas, CA

Happy valentine day!!! God give you the strength you need and fill your day with tons of blessings. - Julissa R.

Hey what's up!!! i hope you doing alright!!! keep it up you are so strong i don't think i know anyone else in my life that is as brave and strong as you keep it up and never lose hope. Your family and friends are always there for you - Cindy R.

Hey buddy i hope you feel better, don't worry your are a million times stronger than anyone I know you're my hero!!!!!!!! Don't give up and stay strong!!!!!Happy Valentines day !! Always Thinking of you, - Lauren B.

Lots of love this Valentine's Day and everyday! - Lindsey W.

Hope to brighten your day. - Clea A.

You are super!! Have a great Valentines Day! - Donna F.

Sending you tonnes of love & the biggest hugs ever!! Just remember that you are super duper special, today & every day!! Lots of love xoxo Trina :-)

Wishing you health and thinking of you! Happy Valentines day - Nikolas L.

Thinking of you wishing you a very beautiful Valentine's day may your days be full of love, faith and hope. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to you - Ana C.

I hope this Valentine's Day is a sweet as you are!! - Silvana G.

Sending you some love, from me to you! Happy Valentine's Day! Smile, be awesome, and laugh a lot! :) - Joseph G.

You are very special! Just wanted you to know that someone is thinking of you on this special day. Happy Valentine :) - Grace F.

Happy Valentine's Day! Javi (the therapy dog) and I will be around on Valentine's Day to give you some extra puppy love. Get well soon friend! Love Javi & Wendy.

Thinking of you now and always. Hope to brighten your day and much love for you. - Maria C.

Happy valentine day my little friend, may your day be filled with fun , joy lots of flowers, balloons and sweet things. I hope my note brightens your day. Big, big hug to you, and have great one. - Amani A.

Happy Valentines Day! Hope you have a happy day - Adriana G. Hugs and Kisses! Hope this Valentine brightens your day! - Barbara F.

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope this special card brightens your day! =) - Juliet A.

Hugs and Warm Wishes to you!! - Rhonda F.

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to the most special little one. Your strength and courage is felt all around the world. I hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of love and laughter. May you have health, joy, and friendships for years to come. - Celine J.

I hope this valentine brightens your day! Lots of hugs and kisses - Ethan L.

Have a Wonderful Valentine's Day and get well soon! - Julie S.

Hope your day is full of love! - Edlyn G.

Hope you have a really great Valentine's Day! - William T.

Thinking of you on Valentine's Day! -Eileen H.

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! Hope this Brings A BIG SMILE to U :D You are Wonderful and being Thought of everyday! -Nena A.

I send you a big kiss from my land, Italy! Hope to brighten your day! - Roberta N.

Thinking of you and Hoping this brightens your Day!!!! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!! - Nora O.

Hope your day is filled with love, Happy Valentines Day From your Valentine, Jeannie Happy Valentine Day! Hope you get well soon! xoxo - Lisa F.

Sending you sweetness and love on Valentine's Day! - Shana L.

Hope to brighten your day with lots of hugs and kisses! Xoxo Wishing you a speedy recovery! - Maria A.

Wishing you a HaPpY VaLiNtInE's DaY!!!!! Hope this brings a smile to your face! - Teresa from Little Tree Day Care

Happy Valentine's Day. My puppies Barney and Marley are here with me barking and hoping you are feeling better! - Patricia A.

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope this special card brightens your day! =) - Juliet A.

Get Well! - Fred A.

Thinking of you - Alisa M.

Thinking of you <3 - Erica T.

Thinking of you and hoping to brighten your day! - Gloria M.

Happiest Valentine's Day to you! May your day be filled with cheer! - Melissa H.

Thinking of you! =) - Linda P.


Happy Day Valentine!!!! - Becky H. Hope to brighten your day.

Get well soon. - Amber R.

Roses are red, violets are blue and I am thinking about you! Happy Valentines Day! XXO - Melissa C.

Hope to brighten your day! Always remember how special and important you are - Kathy M.

Thinking and praying for you. Have a wonderful day. - Alex M.

Have a fabulous day, hope this brings a smile to your sweet face! - Ani Y.

Hope to Brighten Your Day - Bridgit D.

Love is such a special feeling and you're so special to so many people! Happy Valentine's day!!! - Jaycee-Lee H.

Happy hearts day to you! - Judy R.

Hope to make this a special day for you! XOXOXO - Jennifer C.

Have a very Happy Valentine's Day with tons of hugs and love - Kari P.

This is the Safety Officer for CHLA wishing you a safe and fun Valentine's Day. We will all do our best to keep you safe and secure while you are here. - Santiago C.

Happy Valentine's Day! Thinking of you! - Lacey G.

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope your day is full of LOVE and CHEER :) <3 - Natalie C.

Hope you have a day filled with love! - Sue M.


Happy Valentine's Day!!! Hope this brightens your day :) - Betsy N.

Hope to brighten your day! Happy Valentine's Day! - Michelle G.

Happy Valentine's Day to my valentine - Jennifer P.

Hope to brighten your day with a smile :D Happy Valentine Day! - Christina S.

Thinking of you! Happy Valentine's Day :) - Jessica G.

We are thinking of you. Happy Valentine's Day. - SCRIBBLES -N- GIGGLES DAYCARE

Hope to brighten your day, happy valentines with all my heart and a hugeeee big smile for you! =D - Edith R.

Happy Valentines Day!!! May your day be surrounded with love & hugs!! P.S. Your Beautiful! God bless you & your family! - Ana Q.

Wishing you a healthy, happy, and heart-ful Valentine's Day! Will be thinking of you! Lots of Love, Gina C.

May good bless you and I hope u get well soon my love is with u.  - The Quiroz family

Why did the Oreo go to the dentist? ~*~ ....because he lost his filling! :) Happy Valentine's Day :) - Michele S.

On Valentine's Day and Everyday I just want you to know that you are being thought of in a loving way. Hope you enjoy the day. - Maureen O.

Hello! Happy Valentines Day! Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you and really hope this card brightens up your day! - Ileen G.  

* This is updated manually two to three times per week.