CHLA Physicians Now Available at Providence Tarzana

Published on 
July 1, 2015

Do you live in the San Fernando Valley? Well, you probably already know that we have an outpatient center near you in Encino.

But starting today, July 1, we’ll also have our physicians overseeing care in each of the three pediatric and neonatal units at Providence Tarzana Medical Center (PTMC). See below for the exact location.

That’s right. If your child is hospitalized at Providence Tarzana Medical Center (PTMC), you’ll be able to count on access to our award-winning pediatric care specialists—whether your child is receiving pediatric inpatient care or intensive care.

Our Specialists

We’re going to have a few specialists on site to oversee care in each of the units. Below are a few photos and titles for the lead doctors you’ll see at Providence Tarzana providing care.

(From left to right) Frances Su, MD, CHLA neonatologist at PTMC; Stephen Chin, MD, MMSc, CHLA medical director of NICU at PTMC; Phillipe Friedlich, MD, MSEpi, MBA, CHLA medical leader for partnership with PTMC

The physicians already working at PTMC are looking forward to the opportunity to benefit from the side-by-side expert collaboration as well as access to the latest outcomes of research efforts. Young patients of PTMC will benefit from having 24/7 physician coverage overseen by the award-winning experts at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Fulfilling Our Mission of Care

For the dedicated clinicians and staff members at CHLA, we are pleased to know that, by partnering with PTMC in this way, we’re doing more than ever to fulfill our mission of creating hope and building healthier futures.

Most importantly for you, as a mom or dad of a growing boy or girl, it means that you can rest easier knowing that, with a trip to PTMC, your child will be getting the right care in the right place at the right time.