100th Robotic Surgery Celebrated

Published on 
February 2, 2010

We just celebrated our 100th surgery on January 14, 2010, using the Da Vinci® Surgical System, 18 months after our first procedure was performed! Meet our five surgeons trained to use our robotic system: From left to right: Chester Koh, MD, Andy Chang, MD, Cathy Shin, MD, Roger DeFilippo, MD, and Donald Shaul, MD (photo by Robin Moore-DeCapua) 100th-surgery-robot

So what exactly are the benefits of robotic surgery?


Dr. Koh explains, "The Da Vinci robot allows us to perform minimally invasive surgery for many procedures that were previously done with a large open incision.  This allows our patients to go home more quickly, use less pain medication, and leaves only tiny scars that are barely visible."