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Published on September 23, 2014
newborn screening.jpg
When your baby was born you likely heard a loud cry and examined your baby to make sure he/she had a full set of adorable fingers and toes. But just imagine a few days after you arrive home, your phone rings: your baby has screened positive for a genetic disorder. How can a... Read More
Published on September 22, 2014
Ellen Lien, PhD, has pinpointed several growth factors in zebrafish that allow them to regenerate their hearts after injury. She is currently looking at how growth factor Igf2 targets cardiomyocytes (cardiac muscle cells) and allows them to divide and grow during regeneration.... Read More
Published on September 19, 2014
Thalassemia is a family of inherited blood disorders characterized by too few healthy red blood cells with adequate hemoglobin, the protein necessary to transport oxygen. “Developing red blood cells don’t make it out of the bone marrow, and patients become horribly anemic,” says... Read More
Published on September 19, 2014
Last week, Frozen stars, Kristen Bell and Josh Gad, stopped by for a special visit and lent their voices to give CHLA patients a cool treat.At first, a few patients were unsure that Bell and Gad were their beloved Anna and Olaf, but smiles instantly appeared as soon as Gad... Read More
Published on September 18, 2014
Updated Oct. 6, 2014 In September, our physicians predicted it was a matter of when, and not if, Los Angeles children would become infected with Enterovirus EV-D68, commonly referred to as enterovirus D68. On Oct. 1, CHLA and public health officials announced that a young... Read More
Published on September 17, 2014
Brown adipose tissue (BAT) is a specialized fat that produces energy in the form of heat in order to tolerate exposure to cold.  That’s why bears have ample supplies of brown fat, and why researchers at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and elsewhere are studying the possible... Read More
Published on September 17, 2014
Did you know that car crashes remain the leading cause of death for children 3-14 years of age? This week is Child Passenger Safety Week (CPS) and it is a reminder to parents and caregivers that many of these deaths could have been prevented with the proper education on child... Read More
Published on September 15, 2014
As a pediatric surgeon, Tracy Grikscheit, MD, often operates on children with an insufficient length of intestine—a condition common in premature infants. Behind the bench, Grikscheit is creating tissue-engineered small intestine (TESI) to make it possible for these patients to... Read More
Published on September 12, 2014
It’s important to remember, especially in young children, that disease doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We always knew that history and context affected disease development and outcome, but we’re just starting to get a handle on how much.
Published on September 12, 2014
After a victorious win by the Los Angeles Kings, the Stanley Cup has resided in the hands of players and fans alike for the last few months. However, as hockey season nears, the Stanley Cup will be up for grabs again. As a last celebratory sendoff, the Los Angeles Kings and... Read More
Published on September 11, 2014
The University of Southern California’s (USC’s) athletic director Patrick “Pat” Haden was fined $25,000 and reprimanded by the Pac-12 for his actions in the third quarter of the Trojans’ 13-10 win against Stanford on Saturday, Sept. 6. A few days later, Pat took to Twitter and... Read More
Published on September 10, 2014
During the month of August, two publications delved into the decades-old debate questioning exactly how drastically a mother’s activities while pregnant affect her child in the future—specifically in terms of alcohol consumption. We asked Elizabeth Sowell, PhD, director of the... Read More
Published on September 9, 2014
We know that “breast is best” when it comes to passing essential nutrients like hormones, antiviral factors and enzymes from mother to baby. But researchers recently discovered that a growth factor found in breast milk–and absent from formula–may be protective against a... Read More
Published on September 8, 2014
Fifty years ago, childhood cancer was a near-certain death sentence. But thanks to decades of treatment advances, more than 80 percent of childhood cancer patients now become survivors. Stuart E. Siegel, MD, experienced this monumental shift while serving for 37 years as head... Read More
Published on September 5, 2014
The current drought makes California look like fat cells under a microscope! Dried-out land on the left, adipocytes (fat cells) on the right. Image courtesy of Sebastien Bouret, PhD, from The Saban Research Institute. 
Published on September 3, 2014
Tomorrow’s matchup between defending Superbowl Champions—the Seattle Seahawks— and the Green Bay Packers marks the start of another helmet-crushing, yard-rushing, touchdown-celebrating football season. Amidst the excitement of the game, players and trainers must be prepared for... Read More
Published on September 2, 2014
Scientists have linked literally hundreds of mutated genes with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a success rate that could be viewed as both an important first step toward future interventions and an increasingly complex puzzle.Di Tian, MD, PhD, an investigator in the... Read More
Published on August 29, 2014
Like an archipelago in the Pacific, one million isolated clusters of cells pepper the pancreas. Called the Islets of Langerhans, these regions contain a large portion of the body’s endocrine (hormone-producing) cells—including those that regulate diabetes. In this image, the... Read More
Published on August 28, 2014
Kids from Camp H.E.A.L. do! An acronym for “Healthy Environment, Active Living,” Camp H.E.A.L is the newest community-outreach initiative of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles’ Diabetes and Obesity Program and New Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church. Through evidence-based... Read More
Published on August 26, 2014
On August 23-24, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles patients and doctors from the Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases took the field at Dodgers Stadium for ThinkCure! Weekend. The annual two-day event benefits cancer research at CHLA and City of Hope by raising funds... Read More