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Published on August 14, 2020
Published on August 14, 2020
لقد سألنا خبرائنا عن الحقائق التي يمكن أن تساعد في الإجابة على الأسئلة الأساسية التي ستدور بذهن أهالي الأطفال المرضى. ستجد أدناه معلومات حول هذا الفيروس الجديد، وما الذي يتم عمله لمنع انتشاره، وكيف يمكنك حماية نفسك من تهديد العدوى.
Published on August 12, 2020
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) affects about 3,000 children each year in the United States. In one tenth of cases, the cancer resists treatment. Yong-Mi Kim, MD, PhD, MPH investigates just how cancer cells evade chemotherapy. Her newest study, featured on the cover of the... Read More
Published on August 6, 2020
Mark Frey, PhD, an investigator at The Saban Research Institute of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, studies how the intestines repair themselves after injury.
Published on August 5, 2020
Teething can be tough on babies—and their parents. Here’s what you need to know about teething, including what’s safe—and not safe—to give your baby.
Published on August 4, 2020
By Candace Pearson  Helping children feel empowered to cope with challenging, often scary circumstances—like the worldwide pandemic of the novel coronavirus—is at the heart of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. So it makes perfect sense for the hospital to publish an... Read More
Published on August 4, 2020
With kid-friendly techniques and compassion, Child Life specialist Alex Rogers helps patients at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles heal so they can get back to being kids.
Published on August 3, 2020
Orthopaedist Melissa Bent, herself born with the disorder, is now a specialist in it and helping to lead the hospital’s treatment of the most common congenital foot deformity.
Published on August 3, 2020
How to support your kids—and yourself—as school starts online
Published on July 28, 2020
How to choose the best—and safest—sunscreen for your child.
Published on July 24, 2020
Does your child have trouble taking medicine? Use these simple, stress-free strategies to take the tears and trauma out of giving medicine to your baby or child.
Published on July 21, 2020
في مواجهة جائحة COVID-19 ، يجب إجراء تغييرات لكيفية إنعاش المرضى. الإجراءات المعتادة مثل التنبيب والإنعاش القلبي الرئوي يمكن أن تسمح بانتشار الفيروسات. قدمت جمعية القلب الأمريكية The American Heart Association تغييرات على الخطوات الإرشادية المسبقة لتقليل أو القضاء على كمية... Read More
Published on July 21, 2020
PhD  و Xiaowu Gai, PhD، قسم علم الأمراض والطب المخبري كان المرضى من مختلف الأعمار والأعراق ، و المواقع الجغرافية المختلفة ، يظهرون أنواعًا مختلفة من المرض وشدة الأعراض بسبب COVID-19. في حين كان يُعتقد في البداية أن الأطفال أقل تأثراً بالمرض من البالغين ، إلا أنه يمكنهم... Read More
Published on July 21, 2020
Follow these tips to make sure your child’s helmet is safe.
Published on July 20, 2020
From basic research to epidemiological data, investigators in The Saban Research Institute of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles are taking on COVID-19 research from multiple directions. 
Published on July 17, 2020
From sixth grade to his 16th birthday, Jackson suffered from back pain caused by scoliosis. Thanks to orthopaedic experts at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, he’s now “back to normal—actually even better.”
Published on July 14, 2020
They made national news when separated as babies, but now these once-conjoined twins live normal lives in the Midwest
Published on July 10, 2020
The safest way to manage pain for children or teens after surgery is to use the lowest dose or pain relief method for the shortest amount of time.
Published on July 10, 2020
Teething can be a time of great frustration for caregivers, in this post I will list some of the most common symptoms, explain how they relate to teething and share some insight on how to help soothe your little one during this potentially uncomfortable time.
Published on July 8, 2020