Bench To Bedside

Spring 2010

Feature Articles

  • Parent Resources
  • Bringing Research to Life
  • A Message from the Director
  • Exploring Quality of Life after Cancer Diagnosis
  • Prescription: Pediatrics
  • Spotlight: Johnny Ponce: Clinical Trial Participant
  • High-Tech Healing
    • Virtual Reality

Research Faculty in This Issue - in alphabetical order  

Archive Issues of Bench to Bedside


Summer 2009

Feature Articles

  • Great Science Doesn't Occur in Silos
  • Biology Crosses Disciplines to Meet Engineering in a Spirited Dialogue
    • Sickle cell anemia
    • Imaging
    • Information sharing
    • Cancer genomics
    • Sleep disorders
    • Autism spectrum disorders
    • Regenerative medicine
    • Nanotechnology

Spring 2008

Focus on Cancer Research

Winter 2007

Translational Medicine Focus


Spring 2007

Research Education Focus

  • Program for Minority High School Students
  • National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases Grant
  • Training New Stem Cell Scientists
  • Building Skills for Scientific accountability
  • Translational Research Symposia


Winter 2006

Brain Research Focus

  • Neuroscience Program Director Recruited
  • Leptin: Obesity Breakthrough?
  • Research Imaging and the Brain
  • Optic Nerve Hypoplasia Research
  • The Brain and Plasticity


Fall 2006

Clinical Research Focus

  • Childrens Clinical Investigation Center
  • Clinical research program summaries
  • H. Russell Smith Award winners
  • Thalassemia Research
  • Clinical Investigation Center


Spring 2005

Stem Cell Research Focus

  • Stem Cell Project
  • Development of Stem Cells
  • Key Research Grants
  • Hospital Stem Cell Policy
  • Cell and Tissue Engineering Symposium
  • Stem Cell Primer


Winter 2004

Focus on The Saban Research Institute

  • New Research Facility Debut
  • New Generation of Research Imaging
  • Generous Donation From Cheryl and Haim Saban and the Saban Family Foundation
  • Research Program Snapshots


Summer 2004

Cardiothoracic Research Focus

  • Tissue Engineering
  • Xenograft Research
  • Center for Scientific Dialogue
  • Organ Rejection for Living Lobar Transplants
  • NIH Funding Status
  • Administrative Support for Research