Away Rotation in Child Neurology at CHLA

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles offers visiting rotation and observation opportunities in child neurology. These opportunities are open to domestic and international medical students.

Clinical Rotations

Our institution is affiliated with the Keck School of Medicine of USC as a clinical rotation site for their neurology clerkship. They offer visiting student clerkships, including an advanced neurology rotation, to both domestic and international visiting students. Get details on timelines and learn more about the VSLO application process on the Visiting Students Clerkships page.

Observerships and Shadowing

Limited opportunities and space are available to shadow or observe within the Neurological Institute at Children’s Hospital.

Keck School of Medicine students

For Keck first- and second-year medical students, request for shadowing should be made via the Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN) leadership. Students can contact the CHLA neurology residency leadership team to coordinate. We offer 2-4 days of shadowing to up to 4 students spread longitudinally over the academic year. Preference is given to those students interested in child neurology or neurodevelopmental disabilities.

Other students

For non-Keck students and any undergraduates or high school students, students need to independently contact a CHLA neurology faculty member to secure their support in sponsoring you for shadowing. They will then need to contact the CHLA neurology residency leadership to coordinate your opportunity.

International Observership Program

CHLA sponsors an International Observership Program. This program is open to international residents and fellows currently enrolled in a residency/fellowship program at a foreign institution. Fully trained international physicians and specialists may also participate.

Acceptance of observers is at the discretion of each specialty. The neurology team considers the impact of observers on the education of our residents, rotators and medical students, as well as the overall burden on faculty members in making our acceptance decision.

Child Neurology Training at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

We offer comprehensive child neurology training at a nationally ranked program and hospital. Learn more about our Child Neurology Residency Training and Curriculum.