Fiscal Year 2018

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Fiscal Year 2018

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Patient Care
A breakthrough treatment for a blinding retinal degeneration that begins in infancy is being used by physicians at CHLA to restore sight in patients. Marketed as Luxturna, this gene therapy is delivered surgically to both eyes and replaces a defective gene in the retina with a healthy copy made from artificial DNA, almost instantly improving sight for patients suffering from this genetic disease. The Vision Center at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles performed the first of these procedures on the West Coast, and is one of only 10 comprehensive centers in the United States approved to offer the new treatment.
With a groundbreaking clinical trial, CHLA is offering hope to children born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS)—a rare and serious heart defect that is fatal if not corrected. Though a trio of surgeries early in life can reroute blood flow through the heart, when HLHS patients reach late adolescence, their reconstructed hearts often begin to deteriorate. CHLA is participating in a new research study, launched by the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, in which stem cells from a patient’s own umbilical cord are injected in the heart muscle at around 6 months of age. The goal is to stimulate heart muscle growth and delay or even prevent heart failure. CHLA is the only West Coast member of the study.
Educating pediatric caregivers—from general pediatricians to specialists, and from nurses to health care leaders and more—is core to CHLA’s mission. By training excellent providers, the hospital ensures that future generations of children will have full access to health care services. One hundred percent of physician trainees who graduated from the CHLA Residency Program in 2017 passed the American Board of Pediatrics exam on the first attempt, well above the national average of 75 to 80 percent. More than 1,400 nurses have graduated from CHLA’s Versant® RN Residency in Pediatrics, and the hospital’s expert nurses teach more than 1,200 nursing students per year.
The recent passage of Proposition 4 by California voters by a wide margin was a win for children’s health care in the state. CHLA collaborated with the California Children’s Hospital Association and other children’s hospitals around the state to raise awareness about the proposition. The hospital also enlisted legendary Los Angeles Dodgers baseball announcer Vin Scully to serve as the voice of the Yes on Prop. 4 campaign, and even hosted a visit by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, where he announced his endorsement of the initiative. Thanks to California voters, CHLA and other regional children’s hospitals will receive vital funding to upgrade facilities and technology, and expand capacity to meet the growing need for pediatric health care in our state.
In the seven years since the hospital’s Marion and John E. Anderson Pavilion opened, patient volume in CHLA’s Emergency Department has increased by approximately 30,000 visits a year. Surgeries at CHLA have increased by more than 2,000 cases annually in the same period. The hospital consistently operates at or above its budgeted daily census, and has been adding more beds, as well as moving administrative offices to off-site locations, to meet increased demand for care. CHLA is currently planning a future in which it will do even more to meet increasing patient demand, directly and through partnerships across the Los Angeles community.
CHLA launched an Innovation Studio, designed to bring internal and external communities together to incubate and accelerate processes and technologies that can solve complex problems and transform pediatric care. The studio uses human-centered design and focuses on digital health solutions to address virtual care, social and emotional determinants of health, artificial intelligence, voice recognition, virtual and augmented reality, digital therapeutics and more. CHLA is home to the Food and Drug Administration-funded West Coast Consortium for Technology and Innovation in Pediatrics, which guides pediatric medical device innovators from ideation through commercialization, and houses a portfolio of more than 125 companies. The Innovation Studio’s efforts signal CHLA’s commitment to improving care for children by disrupting health care from within its own walls.
The need for CHLA’s compassionate care continues to rise and, with the help of generous philanthropists, the institution is doing more than ever to support the health care needs of its patients. An anonymous donation of $20 million will permit CHLA to expand care in the Maurice Marciano Family Foundation Emergency Department and Trauma Center. Opened in 2011 as part of the state-of-the-art Marion and John E. Anderson Pavilion, the department was originally constructed to handle 65,000 patient visits annually; today, it is operating above capacity, managing almost 90,000 patient visits each year. This transformative gift will allow CHLA to make critical enhancements to the department’s existing space while supporting Child Life programs to help children cope with their health care experience.


Paul VivianoPaul Viviano
We are starting off 2019 with impressive outcomes to report from the past year. In nearly every metric, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles outperformed its previous best. CHLA cared for more patients, served more families, achieved its highest levels of patient satisfaction, and had more clinical programs ranked in the top five nationally than ever before, all while improving efficiency and fiscal responsibility.
These aren’t mere numbers. They have great meaning thanks to the impact we are having on the precious patients and families entrusted to our care. Our strengthened financial outlook means that our strategies are appealing to more families and more providers, and our increase in patient satisfaction means that we are improving care and successfully fulfilling our mission to create hope and build healthier futures.
The final months of 2018 boded well for our efforts to add to our achievements. The passage of Proposition 4 along with recent property acquisitions in the community surrounding the Sunset and Vermont campus permit us to plan for a future in which we are able to care for more children and meet even greater patient demand for our demonstratively superior and compassionate clinical care. We are fortunate to have the outstanding leadership of our Board of Directors and Foundation Board of Trustees throughout all of these developments, and to lead us into our next chapter.
I hope you will see from this Annual Report what a remarkable 2018 the hospital enjoyed, as well as share in my profound optimism for the year ahead. We are especially grateful to the broader Los Angeles community for its support of our mission.



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