Research Communications

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Research Communications, part of the department of Marketing Communications, works to advance the research mission of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles by sharing stories of innovative investigations conducted at The Saban Research Institute. Through our own publications, as well as television, print and radio interviews conducted by the media, we increase public awareness of our scientists and our transformational research programs.

The goal of our work in Research Communications is to reach other members of the scientific community and spark collaboration, alert parents about cutting edge therapies available to their child through clinical trials, introduce philanthropists to the work of our scientists and inspire a love of science in students of all ages.

News Releases

Our most current news releases are provided below.

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  • Protein-based Therapy Shows Promise against Resistant Leukemia
  • Researchers  have designed and developed a new protein-based therapy they believe will prove highly effective against drug-resistant leukemia cells.  It may also amplify the potency of standard treatment options such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy.



  • Mammalian Heart Regenerative Capacity Depends on Severity of Injury
  • Researchers have shown that neonatal mouse hearts have varying regenerative capacities depending upon the severity of injury. Approaches to extend this regenerative capacity in a mammalian model, from the neonatal period to the juvenile or adult period, could help identify new treatment options for humans.



Our annual report, ResearCHLA, covers the accomplishments of our researchers and physician-scientists who work tirelessly to advance the care that is provided at the bedsides of our patients. Read ResearCHLA.




Stay up-to-date with our latest findings and cutting-eduge research efforts in ResearCHLA|Blog.