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The Children’s Hospital Los Angeles website has several features designed to assist those who are visually impaired:

1. Tab-enabled Navigation

2. Skip to Content

3. Adjusting Font Sizes

4. Screen Magnification 


1. Tab-enabled navigation

Navigate around any page by using the TAB button on your keyboard.


2. Skip to Content

By hitting the TAB button once (on any page on our website), you will be able to click a hidden link that will take you right to the content, helping your page reader avoid having to “read” through the page’s header and navigation information, and letting you get right to the information you need most.


3. Adjusting Font Sizes

To provide ease of use for those who may be visually impaired, each page on our website offers users the ability to adjust the font size at any point during your navigation and use of our site.  (insert image).  However, to enhance your ability to access the entire web, we recommend referring to item #4 below which provides you with additional information regarding how to magnify your screen and individualize your experience across the entire web through your internet browser.


4. Magnify Your Screen

Most current web browsers offer the ability to modify settings to enhance accessibility.  By adjusting the main settings for your default web browser for your computer, you will be able to personalize how you view the web across ALL websites.  If your browser does not permit you to make changes such as screen magnification, text size and color contrast, we recommend upgrading your favorite browser or using one of the standard browsers available today.  Below are links to landing pages for each of the major internet browsers considered to be “standard.”  Children’s Hospital Los Angeles does not recommend or endorse a web browser for users of its website or the worldwide web.  The list below is provided for your convenience and no promise is made that all versions of any of the browsers listed below are currently offering or will continue to offer the ability to maximize access for visually impaired individuals.

  1. Chrome
  2. Internet Explorer
  3. Mozilla Firefox
  4. Safari