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Our blog, is a great place to keep up with general news and events happening at our hospital. banner   

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Blog - RN Remedies

Our blog is also a great place to find out about answers our nurses are giving to families each and every day on topics from whooping cough and ear infections, to nutrition advice and flu and colds.

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Career Opportunities

If you care about kids and their healthy futures, Children's Hospital Los Angeles is a great place to work. 

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Stories from our Hospital

Nearly 100,000 families are touched each year by our hospital and the care provided within it.  You can read just a few of these stories by signing up to receive updates from our Share Your Story portal.

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Photos (Flickr)

Keep up with photos from our events in the community and at our hospital on our Flickr account.

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LA Kings Visit (11/29/2010) Animal-Therapy Bedside Visit (Summer 2010) 2nd Annual Trauma Reunion (07/17/2010) ThinkCure! Weekend: Dodger Stadium Heidi Klum Jokes With Patients Dr. Anat Ardreich-Epstein at Hyundai Hope on Wheels™ Ceremony





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