Patient (Alumni)

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Cindi Unger

I just celebrated my 42nd Birthday and each day I am happy to be alive. Dr Henry Heins passed away 15 years ago, I would like to thank him for looking over me in the heavens above.


Kelly Nebiolini

The outstanding care I received from Dr. Elaine Lieberman and staff not only saved my life but also enabled me to a "normal" life/life span.


Ericka Castillo

 I had open heart surgery in 1976 when I was 3 years old and Childrens Hospital Los Angeles is where I had my surgery. I guess because I'm 36 years old now, I hadn't really thought about being at the hospital or what my family or I had gone through during that time.


Ali Hallstrom

Evan went in for his first open heart surgery at the age of six weeks, which resulted in a two-ventricle heart with holes fixed! Although it wasn't an easy road—and he ended up needing a second open heart surgery to do a few more repairs two weeks later—we knew we were in the best hands. After a four-week stay, we happily took our baby boy home and enjoyed the happiest 9 months of our lives to date!


Janice Hall

The doctors were caring and we had a good experience. I am thankful for all they did and Childrens Hospital will always hold a special place within my heart.


Yolanda Silvestre

Thank you so much for helping my son live healthy now.   I always knew you guys would save him and cure him. 

And, with your help, even my son said to me one day,

"I will never give up, mom, until I'm free of leukemia."


Isaac Randall Mercer

The night we arrived at Childrens, my son had a seizure and the doctor responded immediately to his needs.  Even before surgery, even though my heart was breaking, everyone there was so nice to me.  After the removal of the tumor, he was in the ICU and, I have to say, you guys have an awesome team!!!  Let me not forget about Dr. Krieger and his neurosurgery team.  Good job guys!


Sara Cervantes' Little Sister

My little sister has down syndrome. She had open heart surgery at the children's hospital and they were the best.

I thank everyone at Children's Hospital for everything they did so my family and sister could get through that rought time.


Diana Carolina Ceja

My name is Diana Carolina Ceja. I am 21 years old and I am a cancer survivor.

To this day I am grateful to Jesus Christ and the doctors hands I was put into to survive Leukemia.


Julia Childers

Julia was born with TEF (tracheoesophageal fistula) – her esophogus was not connected to her stomach but rather to her windpipe. Fifty years ago, babies died from this condition because they could not eat They would wither away and no one could understand why.


Dan Brimberry

As I write this, I am sitting in my college dorm room and I have Childrens Hospital Los Angeles to thank for it.

I am and always will be grateful to the talented medical staff who worked tirelessly on my many cases during my times as a patient.  


Samantha Aguilar
My Baby Samantha was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.  When she was born we had everything for her first open heart surgery.  But there was a little problem she was born premature and weighed only 1.6 kg, so the doctor who was going to perform the surgery couldn't do the surgery because of her weight.  That's when Childrens Hospital Los Angeles came to the rescue.

Rebecca Gonzalez-Simpson

I am 46 years old and the mother of 3 beautiful and healthy children ages 18, 16 & 12.

I thank God every day for my health and my children's health and have always lived life to the fullest.


Rosa Medina
...I had faith in God that my brain tumor and the fainting and seizures were all going to go away. Then one day we heard about Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, where I had my second surgery done last year September 16, 2008.