Research Facilities

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The Saban Research Building

The Saban Research Building is the flagship for the Institute. Its five floors hold 88,500-square-feet of bench laboratory space, several large conference rooms, the Neuroscience Program and a 247 capacity auditorium.

The Institute sponsors a variety of symposia as well as The Saban Distinguished Lecture Series, a venue where world-famous research scientists and physicians present their work on a monthly basis.

Our researchers, known as principal investigators, utilize more than 150,000-square-feet of research space in The Saban Research Building, the Smith Research Tower, within the hospital and in the community.

They are supported by sophisticated core facilities that include: genomics, gene targeting and pathology, proteomics, biostatistics, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in cell therapy, cellular imaging, fluorescence activation cell sorting (FACS), Mi Next Generation Science (MiNGS), stem cell, vector and research imaging.

The Clinical Investigation Center and the General Clinical Research Center support clinical research while the Office of Research Advancement and Administration provides centralized support for all aspects of our research.