Rehab Medicine Programs and Services

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Inpatient Services
Outpatient Services

Acute Rehabilitation
Hearing and Speech

Inpatient Unit

Within the 30-bed inpatient unit, the Division provides coordinated care for children with some of the most complex and diverse diagnoses, including:

  • Bone tumor
  • Brain injury and trauma
  • Brain tumor
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Encephalopathy
  • Muscle disease
  • Pain disorders
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Posterior fossa syndrome
  • Rheumatological conditions
  • Spina bifida
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Stroke

At all times, the care emphasizes intensive therapy across all necessary disciplines to benefit our patients.

Outpatient Practice

Physicians within the Division evaluate and follow children with chronic handicapping conditions in this comprehensive outpatient practice.

Acute Rehabilitation Program

The Division of Rehabilitative Medicine is a key component of the multidisciplinary Acute Rehabilitation Program, which treats a range of disorders, including brain injuries, seizure disorders, spinal conditions, fractures, congenital leg length discrepancies, brain tumors, sickle cell disease and rheumatological conditions.

Each aspect of care prepares children and adolescents to return to living outside the hospital setting. Individualized treatment plans include a careful mix of medical, nursing and psychosocial care, as well as occupational, physical, speech and respiratory therapies. The unit occupies a bright, airy "penthouse," with rooms opening onto a large, child-friendly community space with its own kitchen and plenty of natural light from a large skylight.

The Acute Rehabilitation Program offers:

Educational Planning
Our experienced education staff prepares programs for children and adolescents while they are still in the hospital to assist in their reintegration into school. A rehabilitation teacher works with the patient's school district to ensure that lessons continue during the hospital stay.

Child Life Services
Children work with Child Life specialists in the hospital’s specialized playrooms to learn how to deal with their fears about hospitals and the medical procedures they are undergoing.

Neuropsychological Testing
Children and adolescents may be tested before discharge from the hospital to ensure that each individual is placed in the most appropriate educational setting. This helps avoid problems that can arise if a child enters a grade level beyond his or her cognitive abilities.

Parent Educational and Support Groups
These weekly groups educate parents about the hospital’s programs or their child's therapy and give them much-needed support in understanding and adjusting to their child's impairment, disability and recovery.

Hearing and Speech Services

The Hearing and Speech Program provides expert assessment and follow-up services in the pediatric population. 
More about the Hearing and Speech Program