Spotlight on Dr. Kaufman

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Spotlight on Dr. Kaufman


My Biography

I chose to work with children because...

I followed my husband to Children's Hospital Los Angeles during my senior year in medical school and have never left.  I stayed at this hospital because it provides an environment and a philosophy that I thrive on . . . allowing me to pursue a multifaceted approach to improving the health of kids with endocrine and metabolic disorders – including patient care, advocacy, teaching, and research. 

I come to work everyday because...

Honestly, I love being a doctor at Children's and taking care of the kids here.  Plus, I’ve got great people to work with who all share a common mission of improving the lives of children who have endocrine and metabolic disorders. 

I chose to work in Endocrinology because...

I became a physician because of my father’s influence on my life.  But, my choice to become an endocrinologist was a natural fit because I watched my beloved grandmother lose her life to diabetes.  I have spent most of my adult life helping fight this disease.

My greatest accomplishment is...

Other than raising my children, of course. . . . I would have to say that being involved in research at the level of the National Institutes of Health.  I’ve been involved for a lot of years working on many research projects.  But now I am able to chair some of the major efforts in pediatric diabetes and this is really rewarding for me.  The other great accomplishment of my life is being elected to the National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Medicine. 


Strategic Initiatives 

National Leadership in the Battle Against Diabetes

I really enjoy the work that I do in galvanizing change to make environments more healthy for children.  Currently, I am Chair for both the National Diabetes Education Program as well as the Youth Section of the International Diabetes Federation.  I also serve on the Board of Directors of Shaping America's Health and the Professional Practice Group of the American Diabetes Association. 

Advocating for Diabetes Testing in School

I have worked, and am still advocating for children to be allowed to manage their diabetes more effectively at school. Currently, many children must interface with school nurses to test their blood glucose levels, meaning time out of the classroom, awaiting the oversight of a school nurse. I am advocating for allowing non-licensed personnel in schools to administer insulin after they have received training. My hope is to help children facilitate their diabetes care in school.

Grants for Research

I have received many grants from the National Institutes of Health, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International, from industry, and from foundation sources. These resources are being used to conduct research that, we hope, will change the course of this disease.

Consulting for Industry

I developed, hold patents on, and receive royalties on ExtendBar. I am still conducting evaluations and research on these products.

Book & Documentary

I travel a lot to lecture and attend meetings. I traverse back and forth to Washington, DC and Sacramento to advocate for better health care for children and for those with diabetes. Often, I am promoting my book, Diabesity, and the documentary that aired on Discovery Health - Diabetes, the Global Epidemic.

Diabetes Camps

Annually, I and my husband pull together supplies for diabetes care and participate in diabetes camps, both at the Painted Turtle and Camp Amigo in Ecuador.

Kids 'N Fitness

We developed a program to empower kids and families to control their activity levels, their food intake, and manage their health and their weight. The twelve-week program is entitled Kids N Fitness. Over several years of fine-tuning and research through the program, we have found that, through empowering children and families to adjust their own habits, they will reduce their rate of weight gain, or even lose weight by the end of this program.


Medical School
Chicago Medical School (UHS)

Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Pediatric Residency and Pediatric Endocrinology

Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Pediatrics Internship

Pediatrics, American Board of Pediatrics;  Pediatric Endocrinology, American Board of Pediatrics


Diabesity:  The Obesity-Diabetes Epidemic That Threatens America--And what We Must Do To Stop It