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The Saban Research Institute


Fax: 323-361-8054

Delivery Address
Saban Research Building, First Floor
4661 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA  90027

Mailing Address
4650 Sunset Blvd., MS #84, Los Angeles, CA  90027

Research careers and job opportunities


Director of The Saban Research Institute


Media Relations

Ellin Kavanagh, Senior Public Information Officer

Business Development

Investors and prospective corporate partners may contact our Business Development Office

Administrative Directory

For Principal Investigators
Staff Directory

Administration Team

Erica Orozco    323-361-8688 Administrative Assistant
My Simpson-Phillips 323-361-3513 Project Manager

Business Development

Jessica Rousset 323-361-4531 Director, Technology Transfer
Brian Benson 323-361-7397 Business Development Specialist


Emil Bogenmann 323-361-5650 Director, Research Education
Meghan Currier 323-361-8615 Project Coordinator

Finance and Sponsored Projects

Sponsored Projects Teams
Samantha Westcott 323-361-5828 Manager, Sponsored Projects Team
Lindsey Demerritt


Assistant Manager, Sponsored Projects Team
Team 1    
Jennifer Park 323-361-8612 Sponsored Projects Analyst
Naghma Ahmad 323-361-8560 Sponsored Projects Analyst
Manny Sunga 323-361-2131 Sponsored Projects Analyst

Team 2
Armine Begijanmasihi 323-361-8210 Sponsored Projects Analyst
Lilit Amirkhanyah 323-361-6195 Sponsored Projects Analyst
Riza Natividad-Awai 323-361-4661 Sponsored Projects Analyst

Clinical Research Contracts
Nicole Towcimak 323-361-6309 Manager
Sam Adams 323-361-5760 Manager
Tigran Muradkhanyan       323-361-6212 Sponsored Projects Analyst
Kimber Swanson 323-361-5665 Financial Analyst

Financial Operations
Veronica Dolfi 323-361-7394 Assistant Manager
Margarita Ramos 323-361-7623 Financial Analyst
Sasha Wanzo          323-361-8695 Financial Analyst
Richard Brewer 323-361-8724 Cores Finance

Research Compliance

Stacy Kusumolkul 323-361-4832 Compliance Analyst
Earnest Picott 323-361-5196 Compliance Analyst

Research Facilities 

Fariba Yazdi    323-361-8238 Project Coordinator