Community, Health Outcomes and Intervention Research Program (CHOIR)

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The Community, Health Outcomes and Intervention Research Program (CHOIR)

  The Community, Health Outcomes and Intervention Research Program (CHOIR) of The Saban Research Institute works to promote the health and wellbeing of children, adolescents and families. In an urban, densely populated area such as Los Angeles, there are numerous opportunities to reduce health disparities and address barriers to healthy living for children and adolescents. Our researchers seek to prevent illness, injury and reduce barriers to health care by conducting innovative research, implementing effective interventions and working to ensure that all children and adolescents receive the high-quality healthcare that they need. Research plays a critical role in understanding why some children are at greater risk for poorer health than others and how best to intervene to improve health and health outcomes.

It is vital to our mission that our research findings be available to a range of key community stakeholder groups, such as policymakers, healthcare providers, advocacy groups, media and, of course, parents, caregivers and families. Community translation and communication of research findings are a strong focus so that what we learn from research can be used in the community.

The needs are great: Some of the nation’s highest rates of overweight and obesity, diabetes, teen births, HIV/AIDS, asthma, poverty, child abuse and neglect referrals are found among children and adolescents living in the Children's Hospital Los Angeles service areas.

Our research projects fall into three main focus areas:

  • Community
  • Health outcomes
  • Intervention research

Community Health Research

We conduct a broad array of community-based public health research to understand and prevent the leading causes of sickness and injury among children and adolescents.

Health Outcomes & Services

Health outcomes and health services research examines the underlying causes of poor health outcomes and health disparities, and identifies opportunities to promote equity in the healthcare system.

Intervention Research

Intervention research focuses on the design, implementation and evaluation of prevention and health promotion interventions in diverse settings such as hospitals, clinics, schools and community clinics. 

Research on Autism and other Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Disorders

Research is the key to improving the care and outcomes of children with neurodevelopmental disorders. We are also engaged in innovative research on the early identification and intervention for children with autism spectrum disorders. Our research studies focus on different topics including genetic factors, gene/environment interaction, diagnosis and development of the disorder, and treatment and therapeutic options. This research is made available through the generosity of the Las Madrinas Endowment for Autism Research, Interventions and Outcomes.



The Community, Health Outcomes and Intervention Research Program (CHOIR)
Children's Hospital Los Angeles
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