Quality & Safety

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Excellent healthcare is provided when a hospital's quality and safety practices are aligned so that patients reap the benefits of better health, faster recoveries, and fuller lives.  Discriminating patients want to know that their family member, their child is receiving the very best care available. 

Our hospital not only works with public reporting agencies to gauge its performance but also engages in constant internal evaluation to ensure that it is providing care in a manner that is in alignment with its hospital mission, vision for the future and organizational values. 

The goals of all of our quality and safety initiatives are to ensure that our care is:


The information provided on our site provides an inside look at metrics that our hospital staff follow closely in order to measure our own standing with regard to providing the highest quality care and following the most cutting-edge safety practices.  

Special Recognition for Care

Childrens Hospital is proud to have won several industry and consumer awards for providing outstanding healthcare.  Below are just a few: