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TSRI 19th Annual Poster Session



  • Members of our interdisciplinary neuro-oncology team recently represented Children's Hospital Los Angeles at the International Symposium on Pediatric Neuro-Oncology (ISPNO) in Singapore. The team presented nine abstracts covering a variety of topics, from iron overload in brain tumor patients to new biomarkers for recognizing a specific gene mutation in pediatrics giloblastomas. Held every two years, the ISPNO conference attracts delegates from all over the world to discuss innovative research, advances in pediatric neuro-oncology and new surgical treatments.

  • Kathleen Ruccione, PhD, MPH, RN and Kathleen Meeske, PhD, received the Cancer Nursing 2014 Writing Award, recognizing their paper as one of the two best-written in Cancer Nursing. The paper, “Adolescents’ Psychosocial Health-Related Quality of Life Within 6 Months After Cancer Treatment Completion,” examined the psychosocial health-related quality of life (HRQOL) in adolescents who recently completed cancer treatment. Since battling a life-threatening illness can trigger negative psychosocial symptoms such as pain, fatigue, depression and posttraumatic stress, Ruccione, Meeske and colleagues recommend that HRQOL be assessed during the early post-cancer treatment phase to maximize healthy survival.

  • Jennifer C. Miller, MD, PhD, has been named the 2014 Fellow of the CHLA George Donnell Society for Pediatric Scientists. As a Donnell Fellow, Miller will receive mentorship, educational opportunities and administrative support for grant and manuscript submissions. This Society, led by Steven Mittelman, MD, PhD, is dedicated to improving the health of children and provides the infrastructure and guidance to train pediatric scientists to perform innovative and impactful research.


  • Natural (Born) Killer Cells Battle Pediatric Leukemia
  • Researchers at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles have shown that a select team of immune-system cells from patients with leukemia can be multiplied in the lab, creating an army of natural killer cells that can be used to destroy the cancer cells.



  • Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Awarded Over $1 Million by St. Baldrick’s Foundation
  • The St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising money for childhood cancer research, has awarded Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) several grants totaling more than $1 million.  The grants will help fund translational research of the New Approaches to Neuroblastoma Therapy (NANT) consortium; a career development award for investigating drug resistance in children with leukemia; and summer fellowships in pediatric brain cancer and leukemia.

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