Trauma Program

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<h2>The Trauma Program</h2>
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<p>The Trauma Program at Children's Hospital Los Angeles offers tips to help your family prevent serious injury.The program is the only free standing Level I Pediatric Trauma Center in Los Angeles County that is verified by the <a href="" target="_blank">American College of Surgeons</a>.</p>
<h2>Our Goal</h2>
<p>The Trauma Program seeks to combat the most critical health risk for American children. Trauma is the leading cause of death between the ages of one and 14 years nationwide and results in temporary or permanent disability for millions of infants and children annually. Through injury prevention research and program development, our goal is to decrease the number of injuries through education and prevention techniques. If a child should be injured, it is our goal to provide the best multidisciplinary care possible to provide for the best possible outcome.</p>
<h2>Pediatric Care After Resuscitation (PCAR) </h2>
<p>Children&#8217;s Hospital Los Angeles and Los Angeles County EMS Agency will host the PCAR course on June 23-24th from 8:00 a.m. &#8211; 4:30 p.m. The course will be held at the Saban Research Institute Auditorium. <a href="/sites/default/files/migrated/PCAR_Brochure.pdf" target="_blank">Course brochure attached here.</a></p>
<p><strong>Cost</strong>: </p>
<ul><li>CHLA Employees = $125 for first 65 individuals LAC</li><li>Trauma Centers = $250 (first 6 registrants per trauma center will receive a 50% reimbursement following the course)</li><li>General Registration = $275 </li></ul>
<p><strong>Registration</strong>: <a href=""></a></p>
<p><strong>Parking</strong>: We encourage ride-share or public transportation options. The Saban Research Institute is located next to the Metro Red Line Vermont / Sunset stop and several bus stops (<a href=""></a>). </p>
<p>Parking for PCAR attendees will be provided at the Los Angeles CC lot, which is located less than&nbsp;one mile from CHLA. Attendees will be shuttled to the training site, so please allow for extra time on arrival. Please <a href="{1CB444DF-77C3-4D94-82FA-E366D7D6CE04}/ParkingMap_06.03.14.jpg" target="_blank">review the parking lot map.</a></p>
<p>For more information: Elizabeth Cleek, RN <a href=""></a> or call 323-361-4526.</p>
<h2>Blog Safety Tips</h2>
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<p>The Trauma Program provides a complete continuum of pediatric trauma care, combined with an active program of education, research and prevention. More than 8,000 injured patients are seen in the <a href="">Emergency Department</a> every year &#8212; many of which require admission to the hospital. The Trauma Team follows these patients from the time enter the hospital through discharge and are followed up as outpatients through our Trauma Clinic. We strive to provide the best evidence-based care possible to provide the best outcomes for our children and families.</p>
<h2>The California Pediatric Trauma Network (CAPTN) </h2>
<p>Children&#8217;s Hospital Los Angeles led the development of this report focusing on system-wide pediatric trauma care. Along with lead partners from UC Davis Medical Center and California EMS Authority, over 50 stakeholders came together to create recommendations for access, triage, transfer and performance improvement for pediatric trauma. </p>
<p>The Trauma Program continues to advocate for improvements for systems of care in pediatric trauma. </p>
<p><a href="/sites/default/files/migrated/CAPTN_Report_web_Final.pdf" target="_blank">Final Report</a> (PDF)</p>
<h2><a id="research" name="research" style="width: 20px; height: 20px; text-indent: 20px; background-image: url(; background-repeat: no-repeat;"></a>Research</h2>
<p>To reinforce the highest levels of care now and in the future, Trauma Program physicians conduct innovative trauma, injury prevention and disaster-related research. Among the areas of concern are:</p>
<ul><li>Pediatric emergency medicine</li><li>Transport medicine</li><li>Traumatic injuries</li><li>Emergency preparedness</li><li>Acute dehydration</li><li>Mental health issues </li><li>Pain management </li></ul></td>
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<h3 class="titles" align="left"><span style="font-size: 10pt">CONTACT US</span></h3>
<p align="left"><strong>Trauma Program Office</strong><br />Children's Hospital Los Angeles<br />4650 Sunset Blvd., MS #100 <br />Los Angeles, CA 90027&nbsp;<br />Fax: 323-361-3534</p>
<p align="left"><strong>323-361-4526</strong></p>
<p align="left">PROGRAM STAFF</p>
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<p class="TITLES" align="center"><strong><img border="0" alt="" src="/sites/default/files/migrated/JUpperman.jpg" /></strong></p>
<p class="TITLES" align="center"><strong>Jeffrey Upperman, MD</strong><br />Program Director</p>
<p class="TITLES" align="center"></p>
<p class="TITLES" align="center"><strong>Elizabeth Cleek, RN, MS</strong><br />Administrative Manager</p></td></tr></table>