Orthoptics Program

What is an Orthoptician?

As a member of the vision healthcare team, an Orthoptist is the liaison between the patient and ophthalmologist. The Orthoptist evaluates and assesses patients with strabismus, amblyopia and other ocular motility disorders. 

About the Program

Directed by Paula Edelman, CO, The Vision Center at Children's Hospital Los Angeles offers a full-time program leading to a Certificate in Orthoptics specializing in both pediatrics and adults. The Orthoptics Program is one of the leading ophthalmic programs in the United States. The Vision Center trains orthoptists, providing a didactic curriculum reinforced with clinical experience to ensure a proficient graduate.

Apply to the Program

To request an application to the Orthoptics Program, please contact:

Paula Edelman, CO
email  | Phone: 323-361-5697